Mann Tracht, Un Gott Lacht

What’s that saying? Something about God laughing while you make plans? Yeah, that’s it. So I went and did it. I went and made me some plans. And you hear that? Why that’s God guffawing! A knee-slapping, belly-busting howl! It… Read More ›


“I don’t think I like being married.” Lucy held her breath as she stared at the red light. Ethan sat beside her in silence in the driver’s seat of their pea-green station wagon. Lucy waited for his response. It was… Read More ›

Dating at Forty

  Dating. Dating at forty. Dating at forty with three kids. Five years since my somewhat painful (brutally traumatic) divorce, the only relationship I’ve been in is with Ben and Jerry. But that relationship was very toxic as my weight… Read More ›

Ruminating on God

Ruminating is what I do, perhaps a little too much sometimes, and not enough at other times. Two things I ruminate often on are my divorce and my relationship with God. Of course there are various other things I contemplate… Read More ›

Far From Ruins

From all of my experience with men, I’ve come to the conclusion that I should probably not have any more experience with men. Almost five years of abstinence. Five years! I am like a de-flowered virgin. A contradiction, I know…. Read More ›