Literary Shenanigans

Remembering Love

She had loved him. It was as though she were waking up from a long sleep to these feelings that she had held for this man all along. Feelings that had been buried, suppressed, in a deep, deep sleep. The… Read More ›

To Sincerely Love Again

Never regret anything you have done with a sincere affection; nothing is lost that is born of the heart. ~ Basil Rathbone For the first time in the past five years since my ex-husband left, I am seriously considering opening my… Read More ›

Language Prejudice

I am not prejudice but I do have prejudices. Language prejudice is one. I grew up a minority in a group of minorities, my neighborhood being predominantly African American with a few Vietnamese and Hispanics. While striving earnestly not to… Read More ›

The Twitch

I have a small twitch inside of my brain, A terribly tricky and ticklish tick. A thing in itself that is quite insane; A thing in itself that is truly sick.   It crawls and it slithers, it finds its way; It… Read More ›

When I’m Fifty

Fifty. I will be 50 in 11 years. When I am 50… My children will be 24, 22, and 17. I will have lived in my little red house for 26 years. It will have been 31 years since I met the… Read More ›


There are different corridors in my mind, winding round, over, under, near and far, steps leading to steps that abruptly fall away to nothing. It’s something to walk these halls followed by and following the echoes of my footsteps like… Read More ›

Innocence Lost

Lost innocence does not occur all at once like an epiphany illuminated by a brilliant bolt of lightning. It is a gradual thing, like peeling layers of wallpaper away from a wall, one layer at a time. As we grow… Read More ›