Literary Shenanigans

Who Would Want To Be A Wife?

     In Judy Brady’s article, “I Want a Wife,” she concludes with the question, “My God, who wouldn’t want a wife?” But after reading the article, which lists the numerous examples of all that is expected of wives, and… Read More ›

Jumping In

Here in the cabin. On the lake. We jumped in. All of us. Well, almost all of us. Me: If you don’t suffer it’s not good. Carol: Tame the wild elephant. I am the wild elephant. Lav: Soften the edges…. Read More ›

The Forever Winter

It should be springtime. New life, fresh colors, the smell of blossoms, the warm breeze… Life! Joy! New beginnings!! And yet… And yet… And yet the sun is still hiding and the sky is still stubbornly somber. The trees stand… Read More ›