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There’s a Picture

There’s a picture of Jesus in my junk drawer. It’s actually Nanny’s picture of Jesus, but Nanny’s been dead for fifteen years now. I inherited it along with her red pocket thesaurus and blue poodle made of pipe cleaners that… Read More ›


What the hell am I doing here? I’m lost. No, really, seriously, lost. Do you see all of those people down there like fucking ants? Fucking ants? Yeah. Fucking ants. I’m a fucking ant. A tiny, minuscule, fucking ant trying… Read More ›

Same Time Same Place

“I miss you.” Sarah sat on the stone bench and gazed at the rolling landscape, filled with rows of grey headstones marking the graves of those who now slumbered. The grass, a new-sprung green, blanketed the ground around each headstone… Read More ›


“I don’t think I like being married.” Lucy held her breath as she stared at the red light. Ethan sat beside her in silence in the driver’s seat of their pea-green station wagon. Lucy waited for his response. It was… Read More ›


Window. Window pane. Window glass. Window to the outside for my child’s eyes belonging to my little child’s body whose bottom is firmly planted on the hard, metal chair. Forever planted among lectures on the ABC’s of languid language that has… Read More ›

The Purple Beast

A purple beast came from the East and didn’t care a bit for what he found all around the West seemed quite unfit to lead the world with morals furled its hilltop light unlit so the beast did pray and… Read More ›

I Accept

I accept the day is light. I accept the dark is night. I accept wrong is not right. I accept right can feel tight.   I accept tight can be good. I accept good is misunderstood. I accept good often… Read More ›

Minimal is an Animal

Minimal is an animal something quite sustainable a bird which flies a pig in a sty Minimal is hospitable. Minimal is an animal something quite attainable remove your shirt bathe in the dirt Minimal is affable. Minimal is an animal… Read More ›

The Girl Who Would Be Silence

Silence. It was what she sought out purposefully with all of the intention of a jackhammer breaking apart concrete. It was elusive, however, just like Santa or the Tooth Fairy. She could not remember when this quest for silence began…. Read More ›

I’ve Conquered

I’ve conquered the dark and the grey in between the dark and the light and what is unseen. I’ve conquered the seen and all that I know the fears which seek to flourish and  grow. I’ve conquered the heights and I’ve… Read More ›