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Writer, mother, lover of coffee and all things chocolate, world traveling adventurer, and believer in perfect love. Hoping to create beauty to leave behind when I am gone.

  • Infixes Are Absoflippinglutely Fandiddlytastic!

    I have an aversion to profanity. I do. My fifteen-year-old son would have me subscribe to the attitude that a word is just a word. I will not. I must draw the line somewhere, and profanity is that line. Imagine… Read More ›

  • What Makes A Word Realz?

    I decided eight weeks ago that I would pursue an MA in English for three different reasons. The first is that I am a single mother, and during the weekends when my children are away, I find myself under the… Read More ›

  • Dominant: Butterflies and Love

    Lately, love has been the dominant thought running through my mind. This is a big deal. Really. It’s a big deal because for the past six years, since my traumatic divorce, I’ve remained single. I don’t mean the kind of… Read More ›

  • The Fractured Form of Eliot’s Ellipsis

    “Make it new!” That was the rallying cry of Ezra Pound harkened to by young artists of the early twentieth century. This period would later be coined “modern” due to the rapid advancement in industry, technology, science, and women’s liberation,… Read More ›

  • Doing the Best You Can is the Best You Can Do

    My father has a theory. My father has lots of theories. Some interesting, some ignorant, some humorous, and some are just downright insane. My father, he’s an interesting man, and I suppose he is somewhat insane. But I guess we… Read More ›

  • Window

    Window. Window pane. Window glass. Window to the outside for my child’s eyes belonging to my little child’s body whose bottom is firmly planted on the hard, metal chair. Forever planted among lectures on the ABC’s of languid language that has… Read More ›

  • Dating at Forty

      Dating. Dating at forty. Dating at forty with three kids. Five years since my somewhat painful (brutally traumatic) divorce, the only relationship I’ve been in is with Ben and Jerry. But that relationship was very toxic as my weight… Read More ›

  • Sometimes I Sink Into A Moment

    Sometimes I sink into a moment. I sit poolside and listen to the sounds of children splashing. Seven of those children belong to me – seven, seven-year-old boys. I’ve only known them a week and yet I feel I might… Read More ›

  • The Purple Beast

    A purple beast came from the East and didn’t care a bit for what he found all around the West seemed quite unfit to lead the world with morals furled its hilltop light unlit so the beast did pray and… Read More ›

  • I Accept

    I accept the day is light. I accept the dark is night. I accept wrong is not right. I accept right can feel tight.   I accept tight can be good. I accept good is misunderstood. I accept good often… Read More ›