Going on a Journey

I am going on a journey. So many emotions overtake me as I pack my suitcases. I have two of them, suitcases, that is.

One is an old brown weathered one. It’s large and clunky, yet it has tons of character. Inside it, I have carefully laid my past, memories of experiences wrapped in emotions that have weathered my face just like the suitcase I have placed them in.

The other bag is a flawless, bright fuchsia that matches the lipstick I bought specially for this journey. It is brand new and exudes proud confidence, which many things exude when they are fresh and know no better. Inside it, I have carefully laid my future, all of my hopes, dreams, and intentions longing to come to fruition.

I am going on a journey, two suitcases in hand. One filled with my past and one filled with my future. Where am I going? Where is my destination? To the present, the here and now. It is a destination that proves elusive to many. But I am ready to go and see what is there.

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