Broken Fractals



“My fractals are bleeding,” she cried, her own tears falling into the very thing she grieved.

Her fractals.

Like a carefully constructed snowflake casting off tiny diamonds of light, a universe within a universe, a frozen reality that could easily leave a person lost.

She was lost.

It was a blur.

At every turn she tried to climb her way out, but the walls all looked the same –  the corners imitations of one another.

But it was no use.

So the fractal she once nursed and nurtured like a new born babe, swaddled with love, she now realized was not hers. It belonged to everyone. The smooth glassy surface, frozen silk, led into the jagged, sharp edges that could slice a person into two, or three, or a hundred. This was not just her frozen reality, it was the world’s.

And there was no escaping.

via Daily Prompt: Blur

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