Chunk and My Overworked Imagination

My imagination gets overworked sometimes. Ok, in all honesty, my imagination gets overworked many times.

I recently, for the first time in over eight years, applied for a job. When I went to request the employee packet to fill out, my imagination went into over drive.

Your hair looks awful. You’re soooo fat. What kind of outfit is that you’re wearing. They’re going to see right through you…Remember that box of cheese-its you ate last night? They know all about it. The library book that was due three months ago that you somehow keep forgetting to turn in? Yep, they know. You are a derelict.

I suppose the best way to describe my inner dialogue prompted by my overworked imagination is that scene from the movie The Goonies when Chunk is asked to tell the bad guys what he knows.

My imagination is the Fratellis family and my lack of self-confidence is Chunk. Get the picture? In retrospect it’s funny but only because I push through it and divert my imagination from my perceived failings to my perceived successes.

In the end, if you suffer from insecurity the way I do, that’s what you have to do. You want to work over time imagination? Ok, how about this. You are a single mom who is getting it done! Bed time, bath time, bills, loving, nurturing, disciplining, striving and most of all never giving up.

I know a lot of women who have overworked imaginations constantly confessing their short comings like Chunk. But just remember this my sisters, Chunk rescues the abused Sloth who is then pivotal in rescuing the entire Goonies. And by offering Sloth his unconditional love, Chunk is the ultimate hero in the end.

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  1. Ugh. I am applying for jobs right now too after a long period away from the workforce. It is … challenging. Wishing you best success!

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