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  • Going on a Journey

    I am going on a journey. So many emotions overtake me as I pack my suitcases. I have two of them, suitcases, that is. One is an old brown weathered one. It’s large and clunky, yet it has tons of… Read More ›

  • Water Fast: Early Morning Musings

    Early mornings are my time. The quiet. The still. Before the children upstairs begin to stir. Only those children are not so small anymore. One is 19 and cozied up to her girlfriend. One is 17, on his last loop… Read More ›

  • Day Three of the Water Fast

    I am on day three of the water fast. Only it’s not actually a pure water fast (I’m still having two cups of black coffee). And also, I should be on day four because on the original first day I… Read More ›

  • Thirty Day Water Fast

    Today is the day I begin a thirty-day water fast. It might seem extreme to forgo food for thirty days, but what can I say? I am a woman of extremes. Besides, it has been done before. In fact, there… Read More ›

  • There’s a Picture

    There’s a picture of Jesus in my junk drawer. It’s actually Nanny’s picture of Jesus, but Nanny’s been dead for fifteen years now. I inherited it along with her red pocket thesaurus and blue poodle made of pipe cleaners that… Read More ›

  • Pity

    What the hell am I doing here? I’m lost. No, really, seriously, lost. Do you see all of those people down there like fucking ants? Fucking ants? Yeah. Fucking ants. I’m a fucking ant. A tiny, minuscule, fucking ant trying… Read More ›

  • Mann Tracht, Un Gott Lacht

    What’s that saying? Something about God laughing while you make plans? Yeah, that’s it. So I went and did it. I went and made me some plans. And you hear that? Why that’s God guffawing! A knee-slapping, belly-busting howl! It… Read More ›

  • Same Time Same Place

    “I miss you.” Sarah sat on the stone bench and gazed at the rolling landscape, filled with rows of grey headstones marking the graves of those who now slumbered. The grass, a new-sprung green, blanketed the ground around each headstone… Read More ›

  • Perspectives

    “I don’t think I like being married.” Lucy held her breath as she stared at the red light. Ethan sat beside her in silence in the driver’s seat of their pea-green station wagon. Lucy waited for his response. It was… Read More ›